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Grandmaster John Spinks, Judan

Present Rank: Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt in American Tai Shin Doh under Grand Master Ron Balas


Taught at St. Petersburg Junior College adult education classes CE-554 (associated with the St. Petersburg Junior College for over 20 years teaching adult education and self defense courses until 1996) 


Rank Elevation

Tested in Cleveland, Ohio, by Master Balas for Sho-Dan and Sensei, 12/18/76

Tested in Cleveland, Ohio, by Master Balas for Ni-Dan, 5/25/78

Tested in St. Petersburg, Florida, by Master Balas for San-Dan, 6/27/80


Special Honors

Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1996, Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of FameMaster Instructor of the Year 1997Pinnacle Award of Success 1998Silver Achievement of the Year 1998, WHFSC International Hall of Fame in Orlando, FloridaMaster Award of the Year 1999


Articles of Succession

Tai Shin Doh and Tai Shin Jitsu are martial art styles founded in 1966 by Soke Ronald F. Balas.  They are American, martial art styles tracing their lineage back through the Japanese styles of Shotokan, Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido.



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